The Montreal Center for Anxiety & Depression

Sometimes, we all need support, particularly when we are feeling depressed, anxious or confused about our current life situation. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy concentrates on awhat can be done about these problems TODAY. It is an active directive treatment approach that teaches the skills necessary to cope with problems.

This type of therapy works in a short time (15-20 sessions on average) with clients learning the strategies needed to cope with the difficulties they face.

The Montreal Center for Anxiety & Depression’s goals are to create a warm and supportive environment so that, together, we can explore your concerns and discover what blocks exist, which limit your full potential. Combining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and an Eclectic approach, we can focus on these challenges to find new and healthy ways of coping.

  • Sandra Reich brings her no nonsense style to her new and intensive “BOOT CAMP” programs
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  • Child & Adolescent Services
  • We provide treatment services for children and adolescents who are experiencing various types of challenges.
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  • Couple & Family Services
  • We provide cutting edge treatment for couples and families in distress
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  • Adult Services
  • We provide full assessments and treatment services for adults who are experiencing a variety of challenges
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