Vanessa Forgues

Vanessa is a clinical sexologist who has completed a bachelor in sexology and a master in clinical sexology at Université du Québec à Montréal. She is also a member of the Ordre Professionnel des Sexologues du Québec and of the Association des Sexologues du Québec. She is in the process of getting her psychothery permit from the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec. She received clinical training from the Montreal General Hospital, working for the Human Sexuality Program and the Gender Dysphoria Program in team with senior psychiatrist, sexologist and psychologist. Vanessa has worked in different fields such has institutional setting, non-profit organization and clinical settings with different clienteles and is now a proud member of The Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression.

Specializing in intimacy, sexual difficulties and relationship issues, Vanessa works with individuals who want to improve their sexual health through individual or couple counseling. She also has experience working with teenagers and in the eating disorder field. Vanessa can help you with a wide variety of difficulties such as self-esteem issues, concerns regarding body image, difficulties finding a partner or addiction to pornography. She also worked with people from the LGBTQIA+ community facing different challenges.

Vanessa is trained with the humanistic approach and the psychodynamic/sexoanalytic approach. She also uses cognitive-behavioral theory and solution-focused brief therapy theory in order to help her clients achieve their goals. She believes that the individual is the expert of his/her own experience and is willing to work in order to enhance their potential through counseling. She is known to get her clients feel comfortable with her empathic and authentic attitude.