Intensive couples retreat in Mexico – November 6, 2017 to November 9 2017

Take Your Relationship to PARADISE!

Are You:

  • Yearning for a closer more intimate relationship?
  • Wanting to take your relationship to a higher level of happiness and growth?
  • Feeling resentment and disappointment seeping into your relationship?
  • Feeling invisible to your partner- not important, not understood or appreciated?
  • Wanting to learn how to navigate conflict better?
  • Craving deeper emotional and physical intimacy and understanding?

You Don’t Have to Have a Troubled Relationship to Seek Betterment!

A healthy relationship takes work. It takes effort and you both have to be ready and willing to put the time and energy into it. And that’s hard… I get it.

We all have busy lives. Work, kids, family, friends…there is always something that seems to take precedence to caring for our relationships.

What happens when you let life get in the way of your relationship?

You can:

  • Grow apart
  • Argue more
  • Feel neglected
  • Get into a rut
  • Feel lonely, trapped
  • Become more like roommates than partners
Think of your relationship as if it were a garden.

A well-tended, loved and cared for garden flourishes. The flowers blossom in bright, vibrant colors. Fruits and vegetables grow in abundance.

And I’ve seen gardens that are dying. They aren’t cared for, they’re rarely watered. Weeds tend to take over and the garden slowly withers away until it no longer exists.

Your relationship is your garden.

Is Your Relationship a Garden of Eden or a Garden of Doom?

We don’t get a manual on how to have a healthy relationship. All too often couples either wait until their relationship is in rough waters to seek help, or they don’t get any at all and throw in the towel.

You need to learn the tips and strategies it takes to keep your relationship flourishing…and that’s really hard to do when you’re busy with life.

The Take Your Relationship to PARADISE retreat gets you and your partner away from the daily grind and whisks you away to a beautiful, paradise location so you can release, relax and focus on yourselves and each other.

This couples retreat is for you if:

  • You want to improve your relationship and reach new levels of intimacy and happiness;
  • You want to “immunize” your happy relationship from future challenges;
  • Your relationship gets stuck in conflict or power struggles;
  • You want to understand your partner better;
  • You want to create a new level of excitement and passion in your relationship;
  • You’ve lost that loving feeling and not sure why;
  • You want to stay together for life and reach the stars together!


The retreat does not require that anyone share anything in a large group setting as the “work” is done by each couple with privacy. Participants are welcome to share insights in the larger group during video and teaching presentations, but it is not required.
“What you have helped us through is truly unbelievable…. I am truly in awe of the amazing work you do. I don’t know where our lives would be if I hadn’t met you and learned the tools to have a happy, healthy life and relationship (changing the cycle). This week has been truly life changing and I am so happy to have had the chance to participate with my husband by my side. My biggest appreciation in all this is for you. You have helped me work through the hardest things I have ever been through in my life and also helped us to stay together and come to this point! We truly love and admire you Sandra and are eternally grateful!!”
– L&P (Montreal, QC)

Enjoy a beautiful luxurious vacation while helping your relationship flourish!

Sandra’s intensive direct style will delve deeply into topics that affect you and your partner- and provide you both the tools you need to have the most satisfying relationship you ever dreamt of.

Thank you Sandra! This would not have happened without you. All the work we did together to get me to a place where I was ready for my partner and all the work we continue to do together to get us to a healthier place – I have no words to express how grateful we both are. It’s really amazing to reflect on the journey and very exciting to see where we are headed! Thank you for your generosity, caring and BRILLIANCE! We learned so much at this retreat and it’s the perfect place to start this new stage of our relationship!!
–Tracey Deer and partner Montreal QC

Here’s What Awaits You on Your Getaway:

  • Proven techniques and strategies to help your relationship thrive!
  • Learn how to have healthy respectful boundaries
  • Master how to build/regain trust
  • Effective communication and a better understanding of each other
  • Exercises for the mind, body and soul that will help you and your partner bond in ways you’ve never imagined!
  • Play, swim, dance, eat, and enjoy the beauty of the island and nurture your relationship!

Change Your Life, Change Your Relationship… Forever!

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