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Business leaders faces greater challenges than ever before. Competition is fierce, every day presents new challenges in the workplace and resources are limited.
Your biggest resource and asset is your team.

Does your team have that something extra?

Do they have the motivation, the drive, the empathy, the emotional intelligence to stand out today and thrive in a time of fantastic uncertainty?

Ultimately, the Key to Success Relies Upon Harnessing the Power of Your Team .

The emerging field of emotional intelligence indicates that social and personal skills are vital for a healthy and productive workplace.

Once employers recognize that their profits depend on the emotional intelligence of their employees, they implement programs that speak to individual and team development.

Research Shows Time and Time Again:

Workshops can actually provide a significant improvement in the bottom line of any company.

Things to Consider:

Workshops have the effect of improving job satisfaction among the employees of a company. When you invest time and money in developing the skills of your personnel, these employees tend to feel more valued and more appreciated, and this often gives them the impetus to perform better at their jobs.

This also has a beneficial effect in terms for your business in terms of allowing it to maintain their qualified workforce, since employees that receive sufficient guidance and are provided periodic opportunities to learn new skills are less likely to leave the company.

The Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression has a solid reputation of top notch therapists and the highest level of professionalism. You will know with certainty that your people are in good hands and learning the most cutting edge research and strategies out there.

Our Workshops Provide:

  • Learning that is easy to transfer to the workplace We offer pragmatic solutions that your people will find easy to implement
  • Warmth and no nonsense style – we offer learning in an interactive straight shooting style that is very well received and easily applied.
  • A solid base of expertise Our therapists are the “best of the best”- with diverse specialties- as well as having solid teaching backgrounds.
  • Morale boosting, output increasing: These courses would massively improve morale, create solidarity as well as improve output from your employees.

As Seen On:

At the Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression, our we offer a wide variety of team and individual programs:

  • Groups for ongoing stress management
  • Day courses and retreats on anxiety, living a balanced life and how to immunize yourself against burnout
  • Balance your life
  • Top therapists located throughout the city for follow up support
  • Respect and professionalism in the workplace
  • Conquering depression seminars and groups
  • Morale boosting and motivational seminars
  • Self-Esteem enhancing seminars/groups/day events

Educational Workshops

A series of interactive, strategy based, motivational, morale boosting and informative workshops

Timing: to be discussed usually 1 hour and 30 minutes – 2 hours

Topics to consider:

  • How to effectively deal with the anxious person- psychological disarming
  • Job stress management- make every day go better
  • Effective time management skill training
  • Leadership training
  • The secret to De-stress
  • Now hear this- Effective communication
  • There is no “I” in team
  • How to effectively deal with the aggressive person-psychological disarming
  • Managing stress and anxiety long term strategies
  • Make your workplace a place of joy and satisfaction
  • Improving work relationships
  • 911- crisis intervention- what do you need to know!
  • Basic self-defense strategies
  • And more…

We have been featured on 5 different tv shows (Bravo, Global, Discovery Health, APTN) as experts on these topics and more. We have led many conferences and retreats with outstanding response.

Call us today to have a major impact on your company’s morale and production and to be known as a company that leads the way in employee development. Please do not hesitate to contact us with for any further information.

We also offer seminars and wonderful retreats (at great locations) under our sister company, Empowered Workshops on:

  • Living your dreams
  • Emotional Intelligence and how it impacts your success in every aspect of your life
  • Empowerment and self-actualization.
  • How to finally learn to love yourself and reach for the stars in your job and at home.
  • Leadership and development
  • Team work strategies
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of poor boundaries
  • Relationship dynamics
  • And much much more…
Call us today for your free, no obligation consultation and find out if one of these programs is right for you.

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Some of the companies that have recently hired us

  • Youth Employment Services (Yes)
  • West Island Crisis Center
  • Centre ABC The Caregiver Project
  • Hebrew Foundation School
  • West Island Community Resource Center
  • West Island College, CPE Lachine
  • Federation CJA
  • Executivelinks
  • CLSC
  • Teachers Association
  • And more…


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