New Anxiety Group in Downtown Montreal running in January.
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The Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression
is pleased to offer a new group called:

Coping with Anxiety A 5-week workshop program

  • Group is offered on weekly basis from 530pm-7pm starting Tuesday January 25th 2022
  • Participants are asked to commit to attend the full 5 sessions to fully benefit from the program
  • Screening participants is required to assess their capacity to attend groups.
  • Group is a body-focused approach to help find tools and techniques to better cope with anxiety.
  • This program is not a replacement of any medical treatment nor of psychotherapy; it can come in support of those. It’s more of an awareness and personal development practice
  • Participation does not require any physical predisposition – Themes progress may vary in adjustment to the need of participants
  • Follow up support groups can be held after 3-6 months


  • Helps participants learn to explore new healthy experiences and tools to put in practice daily or when needed.
  • Helps participants go out of isolation (People suffering from mental health problems tend to isolate themselves even from close people).
  • Helps to create a community – a support system.
  • Helps to share experiences and learn from others experiencing similar difficulties; this provides a reassuring feeling of belonging and normalization.
  • Helps participants to identify their emotional or environmental triggers and to develop tools to better address and cope with them. and much more.

Price: 399 + taxes
Insurance receipts provided
(Licensed Psychotherapist)

NB: depending on demand- group may run via zoom.

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