Angela Di Paola

Angela is a professional social worker and life coach practitioner through the Certified Coaches Federation. A member in good standing with the Quebec Order of Social Workers Marriage and Family Therapists (OTSTCFQ). Angela holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from McGill University.

Specializing in self development and relationship coaching, Angela works with individuals who struggle with poor self esteem and with accomplishing objectives that matter to them. Angela also coaches couples in difficulty, helping them understand one another’s relationship needs and communicate in a way that fosters intimacy and growth.

Personalizing her approach to meet her clients’ individual needs, Angela helps her clients move past the maladaptive thoughts and beliefs sabotaging them. She helps them uncover and reinforce their own strengths and capacities so that they are better equipped to achieve their goals.

Angela is a proud member of The Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression.