Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

Here are 10 Tips to deal with anxiety or depression TODAY!

  1. When you feel thoughts of panic, anxiety or worry try this simple but effective strategy: Make a self statement something like this “STOP! These thoughts are not helpful and I have decided to think differently.” (Each time you do this you are reinforcing your brain to think in a more positive way)
  2. Remember anxiety is not is just uncomfortable
  3. EXERCISE… Exercise relieves stress as well as relieving depressed feelings
  4. Get enough sleep; If you have trouble sleeping, try the following strategies: Don’t drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages in the evening; take a warm bath one hour before going to bed; go to bed at the same time every night.
  5. Listen to some music you like- this can soothe the nerves as well as lifting the spirit.
  6. Watch what you eat. A healthy diet can help you handle stress. Eat breakfast, cut back on caffeine, watch sugar intake, and stick to a regular meal schedule.
  7. Take a breath from your belly: Abdominal breathing brings much needed oxygen in to the body and relaxes the muscles. It also slows down your heart rate and helps calm the mind
  8. Talk it out: When you are stressed, a quick call to a friend can instantly make you feel better.
  9. Make time for fun. Schedule time for both work and recreation. Play can be just as important to your well being as work; you need a break from your daily routine to just relax and have fun.
  10. Get professional help if the anxiety or depression becomes overwhelming.

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