Psychoeducational Testing

The Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression now offers Psychoeducational Testing for ADHD, ADD, IQ levels and Behavioral Conditions for children and teenagers age 6-16:

  • This psychoeducation assessment evaluates IQ levels, ADHD-ADD symptoms, IQ levels, and Behavioural conditions at the exclusion of other possible conditions for children and teens only (6y-16y) in English only.
  • If the Psychologist views there are other symptoms during the assessment, they may recommend further and more specialized assessments with other types of professional such as a neuropsychologist.
  • You will be asked to complete a child-teen questionnaire before the assessment and to be returned before the assessment dates.
  • Assessment sessions vary from 1 -3 hour sessions
  • The assessment involves the testing session, written report and a feedback session of 50 minutes. The feedback session can be over the telephone, in person or virtually (Wednesdays or Saturday 10,00- 5.00 availabilities)
  • Dr. Pilarinos is a licensed psychologist with over 8 years experience in this type of assessment

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